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Hohlen, John
Feb 04 11:32 AM EST
Post #5
I can't do that exactly, Bill. Ask everyone playing in the side pool to enter the country club "Suicide Pool". Then when you go the Standings, click on "Start Of Season Streak" link underneath tabs. Then filter by "Suicide Pool". I've updated your country club as example. You will see this.
Aubin, Bill
Feb 04 11:17 AM EST
Post #4
Yes...only for those in the clubhouse please John. Thanks. -Bill
Hohlen, John
Feb 03 3:28 PM EST
Post #3
Could also use the Country Club setting to filter those playing in the contest if it's not everyone.
Hohlen, John
Feb 03 3:12 PM EST
Post #2
Bill - The website can track this using winnings a tie breaker, if needed. Do you want me to turn on this feature?
Aubin, Bill
Feb 03 9:03 AM EST
Post #1
Bushwood Country Club members, the first contest is a Suicide Pool, starting with the AT&T Pro-Am. Rules are simple: 1. $20 entry...winner takes all. Bushwood CC members are in for $20. 2. Winner will be the member whose picks make the most consecutive cuts and finish in the money. As soon as you make a pick who WD's or misses the cut, you're out. League rules for Alternate's apply to this contest. 3. Amount of money won does not matter, most consecutive tournaments cashed does.